President OAL and Wife Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel Kerkula

The Oregon Association for Liberia was established in 1990 in the Great State of Oregon by Liberian immigrants. Our mission is to unite the Liberians here in Oregon and around the globe in a global community, help the Liberians here to adjust to their new home here in Oregon, facilitate means of communication, education, and social interaction and also reach out to all Africans that need help. At this time, Our country is battling a horrific outbreak of Ebola.

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The Roads Ahead

The Oregon Association For Liberia is dedicated to helping Liberians and other Africans here in Oregon, USA and in West Africa. Some of our Outreach Programs include providing clean Drinking water to communities in Liberia and else where that cannot afford it. Please visit our Outreach Page for more information.

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President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

President Johnson Sirleaf on BBC Newshour: "The time for talking or theorising is over"
Ebola outbreak How disease spread
Search for cure
Into Ebola heartland
The basics
Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says the whole world has a stake in the fight against Ebola

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